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Employing IPecunia Patents is not just for worldwide protection of your invention in the form of a patent, but also for design protection and the protection of your brand. Patent protection is obtainable for an invention that is technically applicable, not obvious and new, and the protection  can last for a maximum of 20 years from filing.

Design protection is the protection of the appearance of either a product, or part of a product. This product could be an industrial creation, or a manually manufactured one. To obtain this protection, the product has to be new and has to have its own character. Design protection is requested for 5 years and can then be extended by 5 years, with a maximum protection period of 25 years.

A brand is able to protect all products and services of a company. Examples of brands are brand names, logos, company names and trade names. Brand protection lasts 10 years and can be extended indefinitely, provided that the brand is actively used.


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