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One can obtain a patent for a new technology or invention. The question is, how your invention can be protected with a patent, and how a patent or other intellectual property rights benefit your business strategically?

To obtain a patent, the invention has to be novel and solve a technical problem in a new or surprising way. We help you better estimate the likelihood that your invention is patentable by searching relevant literature, before applying for a patent.

The technology, market and your business strategy determine whether applying for a patent, trademark, design right or having a trade secret is the way forward. An international patent can be costly, so the value to your business has to be considered; in other words, your return on your investment.

Together with you, we see whether patenting is beneficial to your business, and if so how. With the upfront transparent cost estimate and advice we provide, you can make an informed decision on how to proceed with your invention.

EP&C/IPecunia Patents combines years of experience of inside and outside IP counsel to small businesses and multinationals.

We are ready to advice you which protection best suits your business needs. This first meeting is always free of charge and without obligations.





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