How do you recognize an invention? Often inventors unknowingly disclose patentable information, before having sought protection for this information. To help businesses and inventors to avoid this loss of intellectual property EP&C/IPecunia Patents offers tailormade training courses to raise internal awareness of the uses of patents and how to use them strategically.

EP&C/IPecunia Patents has extensive experience training participants from academia and industry. Our training courses are interactive and tailored to the technical and business needs of the participants. The training material is delivered clearly and with enthusiasm, ensuring that all course participants leave the course with the added value of knowing the importance of IP and how to use it.

For whom is this training suitable? The courses are ideal for researchers and the business team or entrepreneurs, as both acquire the knowledge needed to recognize patentable inventions and how these inventions turn into commercial success.

Let us know which tailormade training course we can prepare for you.





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